Musikvideo 2006 - 4:30 Min. [view clip]

In this experimental musicvideo the singer is put to a test: A day like everyday. But suddenly something happens - the reflection of quio herself appears on the tv-screen, the water doesn’t fall downwards anymore, the cutlery falls to the ceiling... gravitation is suspended. Quio has to orientate herself in a new way and then she discovers the advantages of the new room structure.- This almost „gondryesk“ video cites a kind of futuristic fifties aesthetics and is a play with space, camera and film technologies.

“I liked the originality of the piece, which came from its composition - on multiple levels. It has some great colours and in-camera effects that really spoke to certain things that I like. Some of it was funny, some sad, and it was all executed very well – a nice balance of emotionalism and energy.” Michel Gondry

Michel Gondry Interview in "The Guardian" [read article]

“The Music and visual compliment each other well to make for a very interesting film.. I chose this above the others because it is the most ambitious and original video on show. Although clearly not the work of a novice and not without access to some serious resources, the success with which this difficult film is delivered shows a good awareness of how to manage such resources to achieve the best result. I liked the control with which the strangeness in the track was mirrored by the increasingly bizarre happenings in the film.” David Ford


Concept: Christine Lang, Maria Schöpe
Director: Christine Lang
Production Design: Maria Schöpe
Cinematographer: Rasmus Sievers
Compositing: Ilona Fritzsche
Editing: Kai Minierski
Producer: HFF Potsdam, KHM Köln / Christine Lang

Babelgum Music Video Award 2009
Prädikat Wertvoll, Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden 2007
Best experimental film, On/Off Festival Warsaw 2007, Poland
1. audience award „Die Große Musikvideo-Show“ 2007 Bremen
AFIA 2007 jury award „Best music video“, Aarhus Denmark
Best music video, Crossroads film festival 2007, Mississippi / USA
Best experimental film, Tiburon Int. Filmfestival 2007, USA
1. Jury award short film festival Diessen 2006
Best short film, Kurzundschön Nachwuchspreis 2006, Cologne
Special Mention, FIDEC 2006, Belgium
Best Trick Film, Int. film festival Mechernich 2006


04_2008 UniFest Madrid, Spain
01_2008 film festival Max Ophüls award, LUX
01_2008 Augenblicke (short film programme), GER
11_2007 Badalona Filmfestival, Spain
11_2007 Sleepwalkers Student Filmfestival Tallinn, Estonia
10_2007 Filmfestival Münster, GER
09_2007 International shortfilm festival Detmold, GER
09_2007 Animanima, Serbia
08_2007 EXIS Experimental Film & Video Festival Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
07_2007 School Filmfestival Ciszyn, POLAND
07_2007 Film Festival San Vito dei Normanni, ITALY
06_2007 Festival international du film d’animation Annecy, FRANCE
06_2007 Filmfestival Cottbus, GER
06_2007 Young Guns Student Film Festival, SINGAPORE
06_2007 Crank Cookie Filmfest Passau, GER
06_2007 Lubuskie Lato Filmowe Lago, POLAND
06_2007 Musikvideoshow Bremen, GER
05_2007 Piffl Kurzfilmpreis Berlin, GER
05_2007 Bergischer Filmpreis, GER
05_2007 PAM European Festival for Animation Film Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE
04_2007 International Young Filmmakers Festival Granada, SPAIN
04_2007 HFF Filmmesse Potsdam, GER
04_2007 International Festival of Independent Arts Aarhus, DENMARK
04_2007 Internationales Frauenfilmfestival Dortmund, GER
04_2007 MIT Short Film Festival Massachusetts, USA
04_2007 Independent Exposure San Francisco & Seattle, USA
04_2007 CelluArt Jena, GER
04_2007 Independent Days Karlsruhe, GER
04_2007 Achtung Berlin, GER
03_2007 Filmfestival Tiburon, USA
03_2007 FEC European Shortfilms Festival Reus, SPAIN
03_2007 BIMINI International Festival of Animation Films Riga, LATVIA
03_2007 The Other Filmfest Venice, USA
03_2007 Filmtage Augsburg, GER
03_2007 Crossroads Film Festival Jackson, Mississippi, USA
03_2007 Kurzfilmfestival Landshut, GER
02_2007 Media Arts Festival Tokyo, JAPAN (Jury recommended work)
01_2007 Kurzfilmfunk Hamburg, GER
01_2007 Kurzfilmtage Bamberg, GER
01_2007 Berlin & Beyond San Francisco, USA
12_2006 Curta Cinema Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
12_2006 Les Rencontres Cinématografique de Cerbère, FRANCE
11_2006 Breitwand Starnberg, GER
11_2006 Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest Kassel, GER
11_2006 Internationales Filmfestival Braunschweig, GER
11_2006 Interfilm Berlin, GER
11_2006 Kurzfilmfestival Diessen, GER
11_2006 Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg, GER
11_2006 Filmfest Düsseldorf, GER
11_2006 OSW Filmfestival Berlin, GER
11_2006 zwergWERK Kurzfilmtage Oldenburg, GER
10_2006 Izolanima International Animation Festival Izola, SLOVENIA
10_2006 Fidec Huy, BELGIUM
10_2006 Filmfestival Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN
10_2006 Mostra Festival International de Curtas Metragens Saõ Paulo, BRAZIL
10_2006 SHNIT Filmfestival Bern, SWITZERLAND
10_2006 Filmfestival Bunter Hund München, GER
10_2006 Kurzfilmspiele Konstanz, GER
10_2006 Amber Eye Festival Gdansk, POLAND
10_2006 Young Collections Bremen, GER
09_2006 Media Art Friesland Festival, NETHERLANDS
09_2006 Where is the Love? Filmfestival Bukarest, ROMANIA
09_2006 Ars Electronica Exhibition, AUSTRIA
08_2006 Internationales Filmfestival Mechernich, GER
08_2006 Open Air Festival Weiterstadt, GER
08_2006 Alpinale, AUSTRIA
07_2006 Filmfestival Avanca, PORTUGAL
07_2006 Open Eyes Marburg, GER
05_2006 Kurzfilmtage Thalmässing, GER
05_2006 Emaf European Media Art Festival Osnabrück, GER
05_2006 MTV Italia Brand New, ITALY
05_2006 Flying Broom Women's Film Festival Ankara, TURKEY
04_2006 Corto Bra, ITALY,
04_2006 Sehsüchte Potsdam, GER