(2021 film for the stage with 10 screens; Municipal Theatre Essen)

(2020/21 script for feature film; with Dirk Lütter)

HOUSE OF HORROR (film for the stage, with Volker Lösch 2019)

POOL:LOOP (script for feature film 2018)

AS IF WE WERE SOMEBODY ELSE (short film 2015)

Cold Rehearsal (feature film 2013, with Constanze Ruhm)

TRAILER.PARK (video 2012, with Constanze Ruhm)
Expert Talk (video 2011)


(feature film 2010, director: Constanze Ruhm; picture director and editor)

QUIO: RISING TIDE (music video 2008)

THE COURAGE, THE CARS & THE CHURCH (documentary 2007)

"GLORIA" (short film 2007)

QUIO: SO DAZED (music video 2006)

The BABYSITTER (short film 2006)

MUSIc VIDEOs (< 1998)